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A part-time motor trade insurance is designed for all that repairs or sells a car in a more casual manner.

Part Time Motor Traders Insurance

workers in the motor trade industry to supplement their normal income are those who will be most applicable to a part-time traders policy that may include repairing, selling, and servicing vehicle’s occasionally through the week or at weekends. Insurers may well still require to see trade activity like a standard part time motor trade insurance policy which is done by providing receipts of vehicles or parts you have used to repair vehicles. It’s likely you will be required to show a minimum level of vehicles that you are selling or repairing. This figure will be considerably lower than a normal trader policy but required all the same. Most part-time traders find themselves taking out a road risk insurance and will probably require a private car insurance policy if you do not carry out any trade activity for profit. Policies are often very flexible by nature as they are very basic but have many additional features for you to add like:

  • A public liability covers
  • A material damages
  • The coverage for your partner or spouse
  • Multiple or single drivers
  • Road risk
  • And additional business use.

part time motor trade insurance

Getting A Cheap Part Time Traders Insurance

Your ability to get a cheaper part time motor trade will depend on how many years no claim bonus you have and your location. A cheaper policy is more likely you will get if you have worked hard on building up your no claims bonus on trade policy if you are trading already or your private car. Trading from a secure and better place location will also help this and it is better if you are unsure to talk to one of the advisors.

Get A Part-Time Road Risk Policy

You can get a part-time road risky policy as it is the most common type of motor trade part-time policy that has been taken out. A road risk insurance policy covers the vehicles in your control as well as any liability if you choose to have a liability cover but not any premises. The premises cover is under the house insurance as most part-time traders work from home.

Combined Policy on A Part-Time Basis

You can get this policy but it is quite expensive. It is strongly recommended to make sure you have thorough security measures in place if you want to ensure premises that would only be used occasionally.