Brief note on damper actuators

Brief note on damper actuators

Actuators are a mechanism that helps in operating open and close of valves quickly. The key motive of this damper actuators for allowing HVAC system in bringing out air from outside or  otherwise moving damping system for realizing the air may not get step in easily.  Air conditioning system need not required to be run at power when required for cooling each and every point of building respectively.  Actually outside air is suitable if suppose, then make use of it which costs more expensive too and you can experience less strain in the entire mechanical system. Then on further the air is cooled in this HVAC system which gets cooled in the building too when entered. So the actuators will subsequently push the air outside as it is already cooled within it. This is the reason why, it let the buyers interested to purchase these actuators through online with reasonable price like  damper actuators at Blackhawk Supply.

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More about damper actuators:

These actuators are known to be powered devices. It is used for operating damper and adjusting air and smoke flow simultaneously. There are 2 types of damper actuators. They are electric and pneumatic damper actuators. Here electric ones deals with it vary based on output value. It comes under products along with their features involves less power consumption, direct and reverse action and especially thermal protection which are adequately available today. Coming to pneumatic ones, it is usually measured in pounds per square inch. So, you can get more number in many websites developed by official companies in supplying damper actuators at Blackhawk Supply let’s say.

Specifications of damper actuators:

Choosing a right actuator need an analysis of a particular product specifications. Here are the parameters required for the damper actuator. It includes supply voltage, torque and its operation. Torque is the output here and its measurement is in inch pounds only.  Here supply voltage is nothing but nominal voltage which is supplied to this actuator motor respectively. The specifications are carried out by this actuator for shafting diameter and for position feedback. Actually the measurement of shafting or shaft diameter is in inches. It also represents output shaft or table diameter respectively. Coming to position feedback along with this actuator incorporates encoders and potentiometers. These encoders are the devices which are useful in changing signal or information into code format. Potentiometers are the electronic parts which opposes AC or DC (alternating or direct current) currents flow.


A part of HVAC system, there is a damper actuator which is used to control damper open and close operation simultaneously. Here the damper open operation is allowing the air from a specific building outside for entering and besides cooling interior as well. Or else it may close the interior air too. These damper actuators are predominantly available from many manufacturers in terms of electrical configuration.